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Strapping Machines

Our range of strapping machines is durable, sturdy and imparts efficient performance. These strapping machines are capable of allotting, tightening and fastening polypropylene straps around the packages, automatically. Its heater assists in applying pressure on the strap and connects the ends with heat welds. Semi automatic strapping machine power switch have inbuilt sensors that makes the motor to switch off while not working and again restarts automatically with the insertion of strap. Our range comprises of :

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Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines   new

Following are the types of Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines supplied by Packzee :

  • PW-216M
  • PW-220MS
  • PW-216H
  • PW-220HS
  • PW-316H
  • PW-616H
  • PW-320HS
  • PW-620HS
  • PW-716Y
  • PW-717Y
  • PW-T131
  • PW-T220

Features :

  • Standard accessory, its advantage is stable quality, and durability
  • Special design-Control PP straps cooling time. It can make the PP strap to fasten well in any time
  • "Electricity-saving" device, the motor automatically stops running after 60 seconds pause to reduce the normal wear and to prolong the life of machine
  • The advanced P.C.B microchip circuit board control system, less malfunction and easy maintenance
  • Durable electro-magnetic clutch transmission, lesser wear and lower noise
  • Non-fast heater plate, it will increase the work efficiency
  • Installing an auxiliary feed switch and cut switch at the control panel makes you operate more conveniently
  • Small volume to save space
  • Outstanding exterior; ingenious design; steady and durability; save space & carry conveniently
  • Use of 6m/m PP strap to save cost

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Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

We provide different types of Fully Automatic Strapping Machines at very cost effective prices. Following are the types available in this model :

  • PW-0860C
  • PW-553SB+PW-0860C
  • PW-555AB+PW-0860C
  • PW-0860B
  • PW-0860BA
  • PW-0860AS2R
  • PW-0860AS2B
  • PW-0860L2SR
  • PW-0861L
  • PW-0430A
  • PW-0660YTR
  • PW-0860YS2
  • PW-0860BP
  • PW-2872HP
  • PW-0860CL
  • PW-2870AP
  • PW-0860BU
  • PW-0860BAT
  • PW-0840BUAT
  • PW-0860BATS2R

Features :

  • The brush guiding mechanism ensures the strapping at the proper position and not to slant. Brilliant performance
  • Rapid speed: 2.4 sec/per cycle, 25 cycles/per min

Minimum Maintenance

  • These require minimum maintenance, no greasing and are easily operational

Tension Adjustment

  • Can be adjustable at will, Max. Tension is over 90 kgs

Precision Structure

  • Its components are made of aluminum alloy and Control System is compatible
  • Add on a safety device, built for 24 hrs continuous operation

Easy Loading or Unloading

  • Dispenser is placed outside to offer easier loading and unloading

Extensive Applications :

  • Can be independent operation or combine with other machines for unmanned production or auto packaging systems
  • Removable aluminum arch
  • Decrease the dimensions of the package and transportation cost
  • Precisely strapping positions
  • Low damage

Options :

  • If the working height is between 730 to 800mm, the casters should be placed outside
  • Detection for strap not feeding to origin or arch properly
  • Detection for non-strap
  • The breaker for electric leakage and safety switch
  • Option for 406Ø or 280Ø dispenser
  • Available for PET/PP

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Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines

Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines

The TP-601MV (MAGIC) semi-automatic pallet strapping machines eliminates manual tools and dispenser, which automatically feeds strap through the pallet void. This can reduce time, worker fatigue and is a cost effective solution of your pallet strapping operation.

Patented Telescoped Gripper Track

To reduce floor space and chance of damage, the patented "Telescoped Gripper Track" automatically retracts inside the machine frame entirely when strapping cycle is complete.

Electronic Tension Control

External adjustment of strap tension by the simple turn of a dial.

Friction Weld Sealing

Friction weld sealing guarantees reliable joint and high seal efficiency for both PP and PET straps.

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PET Strapping Tools

PET Strapping Tools

Battery operated PET strapping tools are widely used in the export enterprises of iron, textile, foodstuff, merchandise, etc. These PET strapping tools adopts PET straps, which not only finishes a solder in a high speeds, but also is a high-tension, environment friendly solution for strapping. PET strap is a kind of new environmentally friendly strapping material to substitute steel strap and PP strap.

Features :

  • Excellent tensile strength and welding strength
  • Splendid tension maintenance
  • Good rust and chemical resistance
  • Superior flexibility for convenient operation
  • Alternative colors according to the packing style
  • Easy, safe and economical to use

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